Coz Baldwin here, to regretfully inform you of John Newman's death. September 3rd, 2002 John died of Lymphatic Cancer. Commonly known simply as Hodgkin's Disease or Lymphoma. His 22nd birthday was September 9th.  Below you will see just about every picture I had of him.  Consider it a small tribute, if you will. 

You can take a moment to read about John and my experience at his funeral here.  The cancer was diagnosed mid-September 2001, although he had suspected it for at least 6 months prior.  The funeral took place on September 7th, 2002.



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Still doesn't concern me!!............... She is a great photographer.
Let's not forget Manic Mule.
Here is a guitar chord chart for you and me.
Although this one is awesome; buy ten.

Build your own MOSFET Power Amplifier!
I have a lot of gear I am trying to get rid of. If you see anything that looks of interest to you feel free to e-mail me about the item(s).


  • 1998 Montana Acoustic/Electric Four String
    Bass Rig:
  • Eden 210T Cabinet
  • Two JBL 1x15 Cabinets (older MR series w/o horn) -(on hold)
  • SWR Studio 220 Amplifier ST-220 (discontinued)
  • Hartke XL 2x15 Cabinet
  • Peavey Minx 1x10 Combo
  • Oscar Schmidt Spirit (folk nylon)
  • Lotus Strat Copy
  • Harmony(?) SG Copy
  • Ensenada 12-string Gibson Copy
    Guitar Amplifier:
  • Marlboro 122A 1x10 combo
  • Eko 196(?) Banjo
  • Pedals:
  • EBS Analog UniChorus/Flanger/Pitch Modulator Pedal
  • Boss Bass Equilizer Pedal
  • CryBaby Wah Pedal
  • DOD 'Tuna' Tuner Pedal
  • Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine